33 Film- und audiovisuelle Organisationen haben einen Appell zum nicht-rechtsverbindlichen Inititiativbericht des Europäischen Parlaments zum Thema “Tackling non-tariff and non-tax barriers” (2021/2043(INI)) veröffentlicht und die Bedeutung der exklusiven, territoriale Lizenzierung betont:

We are reaching out to you on behalf of 33 organisations from the film and audiovisual sector.

The sector is concerned by problematic language with regards to geo-blocking and the audiovisual sector in the IMCO report on “Tackling non-tariff and non-tax barriers in the Single Market“ that will be voted on 16 February in plenary. We would urge you to delete this text by supporting the split on §29 and voting + on RCV1 and on RCV2.

  1. Takes the view that the adoption and implementation of the Geo-blocking Regulation has been beneficial for consumers in facilitating cross-border purchases; recalls, however, that certain obstacles persist, particularly in the provision of audiovisual services and content, and that this manifests itself in reduced consumer confidence in cross-border online shopping; calls on the Commission, as part of the evaluation report scheduled for 2022, to propose ways to remove unjustified and ineffective geo-blocking and to strive to build a harmonised digital single market;

As outlined in a joint-statement of 30 November 2020 bringing together many stakeholders from the sector, territorial and exclusive licensing of rights are absolutely essential for the film and audiovisual sector to guarantee its creativity, financing and sustainability as well as development of existing and new business models for the benefit of consumers. Legal and business certainty, and regulatory consistency are critical on this matter, as these principles are fundamental to the whole audiovisual industry.

Implying that geo-blocking is unjustified for audiovisual services and content and that they need to be brought in the scope of the geo-blocking regulation runs contrary to previous EP reports and would severely undermine the sustainability of Europe’s audiovisual sector. The European Parliament highlighted this again in its recent report on “Europe’s Media in the Digital Decade: an Action Plan to Support Recovery and Transformation”. Furthermore, a joint statement signed by more than 50 MEPs underlined the need to respect Parliamentary competences on this matter to “adopt a clear line on this issue to avoid resulting abstentions in Plenary votes”.

We would therefore kindly request that you consider supporting the split on §29 and voting + on RCV1 and on RCV2 in the “Tackling non-tariff and non-tax barriers in the Single Market“ Report to reflect the above considerations.

ABBRO – Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters

ACT – Association of Commercial Television and Video on Demand Services in Europe

ADEF – Association des Exportateurs de Films

AKTV – Asociace komerčních televizí

ARCA – Asociația Română de Comunicații Audiovizuale

ANICA – Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Digitali

CEPI – European Audiovisual Production Association

CICAE – International Confederation of Art Cinemas

CONECTA – Asociación de Canales Temáticos

EBU – European Broadcasting Union

EPC – European Producers Club

Eurocinema – Association de producteurs de cinéma et de télévision

European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity

Europa Distribution European Network of Independent Film Publishers and Distributors

Europa International European organization for films international distributors

European VOD Coalition

FERA Federation of European Screen Directors

FIA International Federation of Actors

FIAD International Federation of Film Distributors’ and Publishers’ Associations

FIAPF – International Federation of Film Producers Associations

FSE Federation of Screenwriters in Europe

IFTA Independent Film & Television Alliance

IVF – International Video Federation


MPA – Motion Picture Association

SAA – Society of Audiovisual Authors

SEDPA – Syndicat des Entreprises de Distribution de Programmes Audiovisuels

SPIO – Spitzenorganisation der Filmwirtschaft e.V.

SROC – Sports Rights Owners’ Coalition

UNIC International Union of Cinemas

UNI MEI Global Union – Media, Entertainment & Arts

VAUNET – Verband Privater Medien e.V.

ZPPM Lewiatan – Związek Pracodawców Prywatnych Mediów Lewiatan

EP-Entschließung 2021/2043(INI)